2013 and newer

Here is our 10PWC vertical personal watercraft hoist with a 1200 lb capacity and a 63″ beam. The below information is for a 2013 or newer 10PWC lift. Please see below for all older models. You can use the images to help determine which lift you have.

2013 or Newer

10PWC Assembly Manual  (click to download)

Assembly Drawing (click to download)

Parts List (click to download)

2012 and older

Below is a the manual and assembly drawing for lift purchased prior to 2013.

2012 or Older

10PWC Assembly Manual 2012-older (click to download)

10PWC Assembly Drawing 2012-older (click to download)


Please note that the wording has changed in our Warranty Policy. Previous manuals may not contain the current version. Please take a moment to review the new Warranty overview.


1600 lb Vertical
2500 lb Vertical
3500 lb Vertical
4500 lb Vertical
6000 lb Vertical
8000 lb Vertical
4000 & 6000 lb High Lift
4000 & 6000 lb Hydraulic
High Top Canopy
1060 & 1072 PWC
10PWC Vertical
12PWC Dual
Pontoon Lifts

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