Nucraft Metal Products is a family owned business established in 1979 here in Roscommon , Michigan. Together there are three owners who have been in the metal fabrication business for most of their life’s. Together they have over 100 years of combined experience. They even had family members Involved in the making of the Mackinac Bridge ! Aluminum Boat hoist was just another job at one time , then it grew and grew until it became a regular product. Back then it was just Nucraft Hoists. In 2000 the marine product line became Craftlander and still is to this day . Over the years the craftlander has become stronger , longer lasting , and larger product lineup. We have quite a few Authorized Dealers that really know our products top to bottom. We have dealers in Michigan , Wisconsin , Illinois , Ohio , New York and Louisiana . We Even have dealers in Ontario Canada and as far away as Hertfordshire , England ! So If you are looking for a dependable long lasting product look no further we got ya covered here at Nucraft Metal Products home of Craftlander .


We have one heck of a team ! Many of our employees have been with our company for many years and the ones that are just starting get help from the them. We work together to make sure you are getting the best product possible. Our staff knows about our product how it’s made and how it works that’s why we can make an amazing product for you. We can answer any question or concern you may have with our products we make and carry.


Through the years we have done quite a bit of custom fabrication . We have done bleachers and soccer goals for RAPS (Roscommon Area Public Schools ) santa house ramps , Church steeples ,Semi safety gate steps and a variety of other custom jobs. Our main steel work comes for weyerhaeuser in Grayling MI . We do other steel work for Lear Corp , even Atlantic Power In Grayling.

Others are DNR ,USGS, and plenty of others.

Here at Nucraft Metal Products our mission is to keep people working in our community and keep our customers happy by any means necessary ! That’s why we Look forward to working with you .