Our vertical lifts options range between 1600 lb and 8000 lb capacities and can be used with all different types of hull designs including pontoons and tritoons. These lifts are freestanding and do not require any type of anchoring. The lifts are designed to be placed along side of a dock or seawall.

Our lifts utilize an I-beam platform design for strength and reliability, but they are also designed for lower water application and allows the cradle to drop down into the lower framework. This allows our lifts to work as well as V-rack boat lift designs.



  • Winch Side V-Brace – Easier entering and leaving your boat.
  • I-Beam Cradle Design – A very strong platform design using a straight I-Beam extrusion. Our design drops into the lower framework allowing the cradle to get just as low as a V-style cradle design.
  • Patented Double Reduction Winch – Easier to crank than other comparable capacity lifts.

Below you will find our vertical lift models along with some lift specifications. All vertical models come standard with stainless steel cables, galvanized steel winch cable and stainless steel fasteners.

ModelCapacityInside Beam WidthLengthWeightCradle TravelLeveling LegsBunks
MH-V251082500 lb108″108″325 lbs52″30″9′
MH-V351083500 lb108″120″380 lbs64″54″10′
MH-V351203500 lb120″120″420 lbs64″54″10′
MH-V451084500 lb108″120″470 lbs64″54″10′
MH-V451144500 lb114″120″495 lbs64″54″10′
MH-V451204500 lb120″120″500 lbs64″54″10′
MH-V601206000 lb120″132″620 lbs60″30″12′
MH-V601326000 lb132″132″635 lbs60″30″12′
MH-V60144*6000 lb144″132″680 lbs60″30″12′
MH-V70144*7000 lb144″ 168″835 lbs60″ 30″12′
MH-V801208000 lb120″ 132″750 lbs60″30″12′
MH-V40120HL High Lift4000 lb120″120″580 lbs84″ 54″10′
MH-V60120HL High Lift6000 lb120″ 132″775 lbs84″ 30″ 12′
 *For Pontoon Boats Only


Accessory TypeDescriptionFits Lifts
Standard CanopyStandard canopy frame, legs and vinyl cover
No Longer Available as of 2023
High Top CanopyHigh Top canopy frame with legs and coverVertical
Carpeted Load GuidesFull Length Carpeted GuidesVertical
Foam Load GuidesFoam covered uprights, covers availableVertical
Pontoon GuidesAngled Bracket with vinyl and aluminum guide runnerVertical
Motor StopUsed with outboards and I/O’s to protect them from making contact with rear crossmember.Vertical


Loading A Vertical Lift

When loading a boat on the hoist you should have close to equal the weight on front and back of your hoist. Correct loading typically will have the rear of boat (where the motor is located) close to the rear of the hoist. Exceptions could be either a ski or sail boat.

If too much weight is on the front or back of the hoist the cables could become bound on the pulleys, which can cause problems when lowering your boat. The hoist may lower only on one corner. If this happens, try using a counter weight in the light end of the boat to ensure equal weight distribution. This should cure the problem.

Canopy And Wind

The hoist becomes much lighter when removing the boat from it. So it is important to keep in mind that when your boat is not on the hoist strong winds can move, tip over or even pick it up out of the water.


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