When it comes to a boat hoist it is important to know everything you can about it.


Ok so first thing you need to know is the size or capacity of the hoist . We have lots of different load capacities in our hoists we offer. To figure out the capacity of your hoist look for a serial tag or sticker tag or possibly even a etching on your hoist (NOT THE TAG OR ETCHING ON THE WINCH).This will tell you a model and the year.

If there is not a tag of any sort dont worry . Take a measurement of the size of spreader tube or front to rear tube on the bottom frame of the hoist. Here is a list of tubes and winch size for hoists.


v-25 /2500# cap 2″x3″ tubes on lower frame 11:1 winch
v-35 / 3500# cap 2″x4″ tubes on lower frame 11:1 winch
v-45/4500# cap 2″x5″ tubes on lower frame 16:1 winch
v-60/6000# cap 2″x6″ tubes on lower frame 11:1 winch
v-80/8000# cap 2″x6″ tubes on lower frame 16:1 winch
vhl-40/4000# cap (high lift) 2″x6″ tubes on lower frame 16:1 winch
vhl-60/6000# cap (high lift) 2″x6″ tubes on lower frame 11:1 winch
v-70/7000# cap 2″x6″ tubes on lower frame 16:1 winch

Now that you have figured out the capacity of the hoist lets figure out the width! Here is a measurement of different sizes of spreaders and beams for our hoists .

spreader length beam length hoist width
107″ 113 1/4″ 108″
119″ 125 1/4″ 120″
131″ 137 1/4″ 132″
143″ 149 1/4″ 144″

Now you know your hoist and width if you need replacement parts you can give your authorized dealer your hoist info and they can order the parts you will need:)



When you have a personal watercraft hoist its pretty simple to figure out what size you have all of our personal watercraft hoists have a weight cap of 1200# our older models were 750#.

There are two types of pwc lifts we carry a vertical model and 3-cantilever models.

#1 vertical 10 pwc in 2013 we changed our design so if you can’t find a tag on the winch column or etching look at the brace tube on the side . If it connects to the bottom frame its an old model . If is just connects the two columns it is a new model the new model will be connected with some flat allen head bolts as well . These all were 63″ wide.

Vertical PWC s use a D/L 1502 winch.



#2 cantilever 10-60 single lift is the 60″ wide model

#3 cantilever 10-72 single lift is the 72″ wide model

#4 cantilever 12-pwc double lift is 2 10-60 lifts built into 1 unit but uses separate winches so each side can be lifted and lowered separately. As you can see in the picture to the left the blue serial tag is on the diagonal tube of the side panel . These have had white stickers and etching on top end of side panel near winch as well.

Note: about the year 2007 these were changed a little to handle 1200 pounds instead of 750 pounds. we added triangle support plates to the stands and a reinforcement tube on the side panel.

Our cantilever pwc’s and pontoon lifts use D/L 1500 winches except for the 4200# pontoons those use a D/L 2502 winch.



Pontoon cantilevers have 5 models for different sizes of pontoons . These are a simple design and that’s what some people want . These lifts are for shallow applications . way back these used to be a 3000# lift now we carry 3200# and 4200# .

model size stands weight cap
32-bl-18 18′ 3 3200#
32-bl-22 22′ 4 3200#
32-bl-25 25′ 5 3200#
42-bl-25 25′ 5 4200#
42-bl-28 28′ 5 4200#

You can figure out the size by the amount of stands and on our 4200# lifts we use cast eye bolts for the pulleys. The model number is going to be in the spot like the picture or at the very top of the side panels.