Our product warranty covers all of the product we make here at nucraft we have a 15 yr Fabricated and extrusion warranty. This covers welds and all processed aluminum we do. We will not cover any of our products that have been altered or any special orders made that could fail because of customer wants or needs that are outside of our product specification. The motors, vinyl covers and other items we carry from other manufacturers has there own warranty terms . If there is a problem with these items we can help with warranty but we can not guarantee warranty will be honored . We will NOT personally warranty ANY products we do not make. Dock Decking Types ..Wood has 3 yr warranty plastic has 10 yr warranty thru the manufacturers. We will NOT cover any problems with our product that are damaged by act of god. This includes wind rain snow etc.. We do NOT cover any aluminum deterioration caused by salt water or acids in the water or other forms of problems because of water issues. There is a 2 yr. warranty on hoist cables winches and all other moving parts on your products. These terms are just a general over veiw of our products if you would like more information please feel free to contact us at sales@nucraftonline.com

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