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10PWC Vertical

Assembly Manuals
Here is our 10PWC vertical personal watercraft hoist with a 1200 lb capacity and a 63" beam. The below information is for a 2013 or newer 10PWC lift. Please see below for all older models. You can use the images to help determine which lift you have. 2013 or Newer 10PWC Assembly Manual  (click to download) Assembly Drawing (click to download) Parts List (click to download) Below is a the manual and assembly drawing for lift purchased prior to 2013. 2012 or Older 10PWC Assembly Manual 2012-older (click to download) 10PWC Assembly Drawing 2012-older (click to download)

1060 & 1072PWC

Assembly Manuals
Here is the Assembly Manual and Assembly Drawing for our 1060PWC and 1072PWC cantilever personal watercraft hoist with a 1200 lb capacity and a 60″ or 72″ beam. Simply click on link below to download. These files can be large and may take a few minutes to download with slower connections. 1060-1072 Assembly Manual (click to download) Assembly Drawing 1060-1072 (click to download)

4500 lb Vertical

Assembly Instructions and Manuals
Below you will find assembly manuals, drawings and links to assembly videos for the Craftlander 45108v, 45114v and 45120v. There have been different model changes for this lift. If you are unsure the year you purchased your lift or if you purchased it used, you can determine the model year of the lift with the serial number. Please see Serial Key to the right. View assembly videos on YouTube: Please note that the wording has changed in our Warranty Policy. Previous manuals may not contain the current version. Please take a moment to review the new Warranty Policy located here: Warranty Statement Lift Foot Print with Dimensions Detailed pdf drawing of vertical lift dimensions. 4500 Vertical Hoist 2016 to current V45 Manual Year 2016 to current V45 Complete Assembly Drawing Year 2016 to curre [...]

With our extensive lineup of authorized dealers you should be able to find one near you. We work close with our dealers to make sure we both make the end customer happy. Our dealers are experienced with our products and trusted to assemble the products we carry safely and correctly.

VERTICAL & CANTILEVER PWC LIFTS Our Vertical and Cantilever PWC lifts are available in 1200 lb capacity PWC VERTICAL PWC LIFT MODELS Model Capacity Inside Width Clearance Weight Cradle Travel Leveling Legs Bunks 10PWC 1200 lb 63" 5" 200 lbs 60" 24" 72" CANTILEVER PWC LIFT MODELS Model Capacity Inside Width Clearance Weight Cradle Travel Leveling Legs Bunks 1060PWC 1200 lb 60" 5" 140 lbs 30" 18" 72" 1072PWC 1200 lb 72" 5" 150 lbs 30" 18" 72" 12PWC - Dual Unit 1200 lb per side 60" per side 5" 250 lbs 30" 18" 72" ACCESSORIES FOR PWC LIFTS Accessory Type Description Fits Lifts Standard Canopy Domed canopy frame with legs and cover PWC High Top Canopy High Top canopy frame with legs and cover PWC © 2015 NuCraft Metal Products

Hydraulic Lifts

The Fastest Way to Lift Your Boat!

Hydraulic is the fastest way to get your boat up and out of the water. Our lifts offer a patented single cylinder and over center lock out design. The single cylinder reduces the number of connections and works better than two cylinders.


The over center lock out allows the lift cradle to rock just over center when the lift is in the fully raised position and is level. This keeps the lift in the up position without the stress of the boat’s weight on the hydraulic system.


Model Capacity Width Weight Travel Leveling Legs Bunks H [...]
CANTILEVER PONTOON MODELS Our cantilever pontoon lifts are available in 3200 to 4200 lb capacities. Each lift comes standard with entering roller guides, a 30" aluminum wheel with spinner knob and telescoping stands. These lifts also use Nylon Bolt Protectors to help keep the bolt heads from scratching your boats pontoons. CANTILEVER PONTOON LIFT MODELS Model Capacity Bed Length Weight Cradle Travel Leveling Legs Wheel 32BL18 3200 lb 18' 300 lbs 30" to 69" Available 30" 32BL22 3200 lb 22' 360 lbs 30" to 69" Available 30" 32BL25 3200 lb 25' 420 lbs 30" to 69" Available 30" 42BL25 4200 lb 25' 500 lbs 30" to 69" Available 30" 42BL28 4200 lb 28' 530 lbs 30" to 69" Available 30"   ACCESSORIES FOR CANTILEVER PONTOON LIFTS Accessory Type Description Fits Lifts Front Deck Stops Uprights added to front of platform to keep from pulling through lift. All Cantilever Pontoon Lifts Pontoon Leveler Added to rear of lift when needed to keep platform level. All Cantilever Pontoon Lifts

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